Cape of Storms Distillery are excited to be able to educate South African rum drinkers.

Taking the rum industry by storm, Cape of Storms Distillery are excited to be able to educate South African rum drinkers. While neither rum nor craft distilleries are new to South Africa, the Carribean technique with an African flavour of Cape of Storms rum certainly is.

Cape of Storms, run by the Meiring family, prides itself on their ability to carefully control the craft process from fermentation to bottling. An innovative distillery, these pioneers use a rum-making method new to South Africans. This method combines a centuries old Caribbean rum-making technique with naturally strong African blackstrap molasses. No mass produced neutral spirits or artificial additives are used. Their rum is made with only four simple ingredients. The result is a new and simply delicious product.

Cape of Storms is a family-run business and Cape Town’s only dedicated Craft Rum distillery and tasting room. You can enjoy your tipple at home or join them in the tasting room in Salt River for a unique experience. The tasting includes a distillery tour and a chance to see exactly how their rum is made.

Three unique rums are on offer. Oak Infused, Fyn Botanical and The Great White Rum.The Oak Infused Rum has deep flavour resulting from the rum resting in two different types of American Oak. This is a smooth and subtle drink. The Fyn Botanical Rum, as the name suggests, is infused with Cape Fynbos. The Great White Rum has a distinct tropical fruit taste and is an excellent choice to pair with a variety of mixers. All Cape of Storms’ award-winning rum is small batch and sugar free. Small batches mean big flavours and no sugar means no guilt.

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